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Job Title: Digital Media & Design Teacher (YWIES-SH-2021-SEC002)
Posted Date: 10/01/2020 Expiration Date: 31/07/2020
Location: YWIES - Shanghai # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(01/04/2020)
Job Description: A. Knowledge and understanding:
• Have a detailed knowledge of the subject of Digital Media & Design specifically Cambridge International AS & A Level. Knowledge of the English National Curriculum.
• Have a secure knowledge and understanding of the design processes and techniques in digital media related fields: Digital photography, Moving image, Mobile and multimedia applications.
• Cope securely with subject-related questions that students raise and know about students’ common misconceptions and mistakes in their specialist subject(s).
• Secondary school curriculum and assessment guidelines.

B. Planning and setting expectations:
• Identify clear teaching objectives, content, lesson structures and sequences appropriate to the subject matter and the students being taught.
• Set appropriate and demanding expectations for students’ learning and motivation. Set clear targets for students' learning, building on prior attainment and experiences.
• Identify students who have special educational needs and are gifted and talented, and know where to get assistance in order to give positive and targeted support. Where applicable, implement and keep records on Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

C. Teaching and managing student learning:
• Ensure effective teaching of whole classes, groups and individuals so that teaching objectives are met, momentum and challenge are maintained, and best use is made of teaching time.
• Use teaching methods that keep students engaged, including stimulating students’ intellectual curiosity, effective questioning and response, clear presentation and good use of resources.
• Set high expectations for students' behavior, establishing and maintaining a good standard of discipline through well-focused teaching and through positive and productive relationships.

D. Assessment and evaluation:
• Assess how well learning objectives have been achieved and use this assessment for future teaching.
• Mark and monitor students’ class and homework providing constructive oral and written feedback, setting targets for students’ progress.
• When applicable, understand the demands expected of students in relation to the National Curriculum, KS4 and KS5.

E. Relations with parents and wider community:
• Know how to prepare and present informative reports to parents.
• Recognise that learning takes place outside the school context and provide opportunities to develop students' understanding by relating their learning to real and work-related examples.
• Understand the need to cooperate with agencies outside school.

F. Managing own performance and development:
• Understand the need to take responsibility for their own professional development and to keep up to date with research and developments in pedagogy and in the subjects they teach.
• Understand their professional responsibilities in relation to school policies, guidelines and practices.
• Set a good example to the students they teach in their presentation and their personal conduct.
• Evaluate their own teaching critically and use this to improve their effectiveness.

G. Managing and developing staff and other adults:
• Establish effective working relationships with professional colleagues, such as, co-teachers, specialist teachers and associate staff.

H. Managing resources:
• Select and make good use of books, equipment, ICT and other learning resources that enable teaching objectives to be met.

• Most staff are required to serve as Form Tutors during their time at YWIES.
Job Requirements: • Native English speaker
• Holder of at least a Bachelor’s Degree and teaching certificate and/or license with excellent subject knowledge
• Minimum 2 years of full-time teaching experience in a school setting
• Support Yew Wah's values
• Have passion for teaching students
• Demonstrate rigorous approach in teaching different year levels
• Demonstrate commitment to teamwork
• Additional experience or training in related areas of the visual arts is a plus
School Introduction
Yew Wah International Education School (YWIES-SH OUPP)
HR Contact Person: Nancy Li
Contact E-Mail:
Website URL:
Phone: 86-21-62340011
Postal Code: 200336
Address: No.600 Gubei Road, Shanghai, China
Description: Yew Wah international education service is built upon the many decades of experience of Yew Chung International School in offering quality international education in Hong Kong and mainland China. Yew Wah School of Shanghai Changning (YWIES Shanghai) was founded in 2001 with the approval of Changning Education Bureau of Shanghai. Since 2004, the school has been offering quality international education to Chinese students through the Overseas University Preparatory Programme (OUPP), which is based on programmes authorised by the world-renowned University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Professional foreign teachers and international teaching materials have been introduced to create a truly international atmosphere.

YWIES Shanghai recruits top professional teachers from all around the world. Both foreign and local teachers possessing highly qualified academics with vast and relevant international educational experiences are carefully selected, providing a multicultural learning environment to students. Native-speaking English teachers not only teach English, but also teach other subjects in English; therefore students will truly be able to experience international teaching styles in a cross-cultural and English immersion environment.


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