We have organized Recruitment Trip to invite the right candidates for interviews at London and Dubai in January and March 2011. Interested parties please send full resume to Mr. Terry Rivers at ukrecruitment@ycef.com.

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Position NamePosted DateLocation# of OpeningsEffective From
Primary Teacher 30/03/2021YWIES - Shanghai(Lingang) (Primary) 1Other (2021/08/01)
Art Teacher 30/03/2021YWIES - Shanghai(Lingang) (Primary) 1Other (2021/08/01)
EAL Teacher 30/03/2021YWIES - Shanghai(Lingang) (Low Secondary) 1Other (2021/08/01)
Art Teacher 30/03/2021YWIES - Shanghai(Lingang) (Upper Secondary) 1Other (2021/08/01)
Music Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Tongxiang1Immediate
Business & Economics Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Tongxiang1Immediate
Education Technology Coordinator/Digital Media 29/03/2021YWIES - Tongxiang1Immediate
高中数学双语老师 29/03/2021YWIES - Tongxiang1Immediate
Chemistry Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Tongxiang1Immediate
Primary Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Beijing (Primary) 1Immediate
EAL Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Guangzhou (Primary) 1Other (2021/08/01)
Art Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Tongxiang1Immediate
Chinese Math Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Guangzhou (Primary) 1Other (2021/08/01)
小学语文教师 29/03/2021YWIES - Tongxiang1Immediate
Chinese Science Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Beijing (Lower Secondary) 1Immediate
中文社会研习课教师 Chinese Social Studies Teacher 29/03/2021YWIES - Guangzhou (Lower Secondary) 1Other (2021/08/01)
Chinese Residence Hall Teacher宿舍教师 29/03/2021YWIES - Tongxiang3Immediate
Primary Teacher 15/01/2021YWIES - Guangzhou (Primary) 3Other (2021/08/01)
Principal 03/12/2020YWIEF1Immediate
Learning Support Teacher 03/12/2020YWIES - Beijing (Primary) 1Immediate
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