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Job Title: Early Childhood Teacher (YWIES-GZ-2021-ECE001)
Posted Date: 19/02/2020 Expiration Date: 31/07/2020
Location: YWIES - Guangzhou (ECE) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(01/08/2020)
Job Description: MAJOR FUNCTIONS

- To carry out the professional duties of classroom teacher as circumstances require, under the direction of the Co-principals.
- To work co-operatively with other staff to plan, facilitate and evaluate a programme that meets the needs of the students and follows the guiding principles of the school.
- To communicate and consult with Parents openly and willingly in both formal and informal situations, to keep Parents informed of school functions and topic forecasts. If a parent wishes to discuss issues concerning their child’s progress during class time teachers should make another time to meet so that the class supervision will not be disrupted.
- To support the organisation of the Early Childhood Sector of the Yew Chung Foundation to assist and support activities and functions held on and off the campus.
Job Requirements: • Have a deep understanding of highly effective teaching and learning practices that suit the generation now in our schools;
• Have significant depth, breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding of their specific disciplines and also a passion that inspires student and staff to learn more;
• Understand the value of generating positive professional relationships with colleagues, students and families;
• Can work in a highly collaborative learning and organisational culture which values a team approach when planning and delivering curriculum
• Use dialogue more than monologue, who understand how to ensure differentiation in learning tasks
• Have the technology skills and disposition to create a flipped and blended classroom ;
• Ensure that formative and summative feedback to students to timely, well targeted and constructive;
• Are reflective learners who seek constant improvement;
• Have a love of learning and a desire to inspire students to achieve at the highest level possible.
• Can operate successfully in a bi-lingual teaching environment in which important Chinese and Western cultural characteristics are understood and respected.
School Introduction
Yew Wah International Education School of Guangzhou (YWIES-GZ)
HR Contact Person: Zoe or Chrislly
Contact E-Mail:
Website URL:
Phone: 020 6290 3388
Postal Code: 510897
Address: No. 9, Xue’er Street, Beixing, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, P.R.C.
Description: Yew Wah international education is built upon the many decades of experience of Yew Chung International School in offering quality international education in Hong Kong and mainland China. Dr Betty Chan Po-king and Professor Paul Yip Kwok-wah, respectively Director and Chairman of the Board of Yew Wah International Education Foundation, have founded the Yew Wah series of schools with a passion to bring international education to mainland Chinese students. Yew Wah International Education Centre was first set up in Shanghai in 1998, and the first Yew Wah International Education School (YWIES) was founded in Yantai in 2000 and Yew Wah continues to extend its education services by starting up International Education Kindergartens and Infant and Toddler Education Centres in Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.

YWIES Guangzhou opened in Huadu, Guangzhou in September 2014 while YWIES Beijing in BP International Education Park located in Yizhuang, Beijing will also be rolled out soon.
YWIES Guangzhou is scheduled to be set up in Huadu, Guangzhou in 2014 while YWIES Beijing in BP International Education Park located in Yizhuang, Beijing will also be rolled out soon.

YWIES takes a holistic approach that creates a positive, caring, joyful and appreciative learning environment and nurtures the whole person, meeting the intellectual, social, physical and spiritual needs of students. Our mission is to bring quality international education to the children of China. Students experience multicultural programmes and a bilingual environment where their active and joyful participation is encouraged. We also value character development and are devoted to developing students’ understanding of different cultures and respect for diversity. We focus on nurturing students to become confident individuals with positive characters and global perspectives in addition to a profound understanding of the Chinese culture.

耀华国际教育建基于耀中国际学校多年在香港及内地城市推行优质国际教育的经验之上。耀华国际教育机构校监陈保琼博士及董事局主席叶国华教授,结合开 办国际学校并提供全方位教育服务的经验,创办了以招收中国学生为主的耀华国际教育系列:1998年于上海成立耀华国际教育中心,2000年在烟台开办第一 所耀华国际教育学校,随后在重庆、深圳、上海及北京开设国际教育幼儿园及婴幼儿教育中心。


广州耀华国际教育学校在2014年9月于广州市花都区花东镇九龙湖国际社区正式开学, 而北京耀华国际教育学校也即将于北京亦庄保华国际教育园开办。
耀华国际教育学校提倡全人教育,致力创建积极、关爱、愉悦、充满欣赏的教育环境,为学生提供最理想的学习及生活经历,促使学生在智能、社会性、体能 及精神方面获得全面发展。耀华提供多元化的课程,致力把国际教育带到您的家园,使学生不出国门,也能真切体验国际教育氛围,接受优质的中英双语教育,并在 愉悦的环境下主动、积极地学习,同时亦重视学生的品格发展,竭力培养孩子对不同文化的理解和尊重,建立自信、健康的人格,成就既有中国深厚文化底蕴、又拥 有国际视野的人才和成为有社会责任感的世界公民。
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