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Job Title: Expat Residence Hall Teacher (YWIES-SHLG-2021-SEC001)
Posted Date: 24/04/2020 Expiration Date: -
Location: YWIES - Shanghai(Lingang) (Low Secondary) # of Openings: 2
Effective From: Immediate
Job Description: − To take care of the student’s daily living with the assistance of a domestic helper
− To provide a homey environment for the dormitory students so that they could continue to grow emotionally, physically and spiritually being
− To love every students as your own child
− To work closely with the teachers to make sure the students are doing fine in school
− To keep in touch with the students’ parents/guardians weekly either via email or phone
− To plan Saturday/Sunday activities for the students
− To plan a daily schedule and guide the students to follow it. The objective here is to help the students grow in all physical, emotional and spiritual aspects;
− To supervise the domestic helper in keeping the dormitory clean and tidy
− Assist at promotional events and activities
− Attend meetings
− Other duties as requested by the Supervisor.
Job Requirements:
School Introduction
Yew Wah International Education School of Lingang, Shanghai (YWIES-SHLG)
Contact E-Mail:
Website URL:
Phone: (86)21 6118 0806
Postal Code: 201306
Address: No. 2 Yinlian Road, Nanhui New Town, Shanghai
Description: Yew Wah International Education Schools (YWIES) are built upon the many decades of experience of Yew Chung International School in offering quality international education in Hong Kong and mainland China. Dr Betty Chan Po-king and Professor Paul Yip Kwok-wah have founded the Yew Wah series of schools with a passion to bring international education to mainland Chinese students. Yew Wah International Education Centre was first set up in Shanghai in 1998, and the first YWIES was founded in Yantai in 2000, and Yew Wah continues to extend its education services by starting up Yew Wah International Education Kindergartens and Yew Wah Infant and Toddler Education Centres in Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Rizhao. In 2012, Yew Wah initiated the “BP International Education Park” project in Yizhuang, Beijing where YWIES Beijing is in an active planning stage. YWIES Guangzhou in Huadu opens in September 2014.

YWIES Shanghai (Lingang, Pudong) opened in Lingang, Shanghai in September 2015 while YWIES Beijing in BP International Education Park located in Yizhuang, Beijing will also be rolled out soon.

耀华国际教育建基于耀中国际学校多年在香港及内地城市推行优质国际教育的经验之上。耀华国际教育机构校监陈保琼博士及董事局主席叶国华教授,结合开办国际学校并提供全方位教育服务 的经验,创办了以招收中国学生为主,兼收外藉学生的耀华国际教育系列;1998年于上海成立耀华国际教育中心,2000年在烟台开办第一所耀华国际教育学校,随后在重庆、深圳、上海、北京及日照开设耀华国际教育幼儿园及耀华婴幼儿教育中心。2012年耀华在北京亦庄启动了保华国际教育园项目,而落户在此的北京耀华国际教育学校现正积极筹备中。2014年9月,位于广州市花都区花东镇九龙湖国际小区的广州耀华国际教育学校已正式开学。

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