Living in Yantai

Yantai is located in the northeast of the Shandong Province. It is bordered by both the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, and lies across from South Korea and Japan.


Today, with the city's rapid economic development, facilities here are improving, and transportation is becoming more and more convenient. Ships, trains, airplanes, buses and taxis have modernized daily life and attract tourists to Yantai.

Nowadays, there is no subway service in Yantai. As planned, there will be 6 metro lines, serving the city proper and extending to the outskirts of the city. Line 1 and Line 3 will be built first of all, and are expected to open in 2020.

At present, there are over 50 bus routes in Yantai. It's very convenient for you to get around the city. Try the No. 17 Sightseeing Bus that goes along the Binhai Road for a full view of the beautiful seaside scenery.


Just like the Canton Cuisine of Gunagdong, the Chuan dishes of Sichuan and the Xiang dishes of Hunan, Shandong is well-known for its Lu dishes (Lu is short for Shandong). Specifically, the Fushan District of Yantai is called "hometown of Lu dishes". In addition to the Lu dishes of Fushan, the wheat based food is also quite popular. For instance, Fushan Noodles, Chazi-Huoshi (a kind of pancake with sesame) and Tiemian-Guobing (a kind of baked cake) are regarded as the three most famous foods there.

In Yantai, the ingredients of many dishes are of seafood based, consisting of sea-cucumbers, abalones, scallops, crabs and prawns. For example, the Stir-fried Sea-cucumber with Scallions and Fried Razor Clam (stir-fried razor clams with eggs, agarics and cucumbers) are two of the most famous seafood dishes. Furthermore, there are a variety of local snacks, such as the Fish Dumplings, Penglai Noodles, Pansi cake and Yantai Menzi (bean jelly fried with shrimp paste and seasonings).


Located on Jiaodong Peninsula (Shandong Peninsula), the beautiful islands and seashores of Yantai always make a deep impression on visitors. Especially, when summer comes, the breeze wafts from the sea, and the hills become ornamented with a sea of wildflowers. All these natural things make the city more charming and also create many famous attractions for visitors.